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Go Green

Go Green

In deciding to charter a motorcoach with Blue Ridge Tours, you have made a decision to be environmentally friendly.

Each motorcoach has the potential to remove 55 passenger cars from the highways, which can:

  • reduce congestion
  • cut energy use
  • reduce emissions

Motorcoaches displace as many as 425 million cars from U.S. roads each year.

Group Tour = Low Carbon Footprint.  Interstate motorcoach travel has seen a major expansion over the past decade.  So, think about your group trip in a new green way, on a new "green" Blue Ridge Tours motorcoach.

Motorcoaches achieve better mileage per gallon per passenger as compared to other forms of transportation:

  • 206.6 mpg - motorcoach
  • 92.4 mpg - commuter rail
  • 46 mpg - hybird automobiles
  • 44 mpg - domestic airline
  • 31.4 mpg - transit buses
  • 27.2 mpg - personal automobilesGo Green
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